Taking Back Sunday and Every Time I Die rock sold-out Crofoot Ballroom


With rock band Taking Back Sunday headlining, and metal band Every Time I Die along with All Get Out opening, there was without a doubt a sold out show at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan. The venue was packed before the opening band even took the stage. This was perfect, because All Get Out 

brought forth the most energy and entertainment I have ever seen from an opening band. Their choreography, if coordinated at all, was tight and had the band constantly moving. Having just releasedtheir second LP, Nobody Likes A Quitter, in 2016 the band quickly got the crowd moving. Performing songs such as “”Room to Talk” and “Whatever” along with songs from their debut LP, The Season, “The Season” and “Lucky Bastard”. 

Every Time I Die brought the heaviest sound of the evening. With an opening song of “We’rewolf” the mashing and crowd surfing ensued almost instantly. Vocalist Keith Buckley was constantly swinging the mic and moving around on stage. Guitarist Jordan Buckley jumped into the crowd at one point, crowd surfing while shredding his guitar. The bands set included many songs from their most recent LP Low Teens including “It Remembers”, “Map Change” and “It Remembers”. Other fan favorites were also performed including “Underwater Bimbos from Outerspace” and “No Son of Mine”. The band closed with “Fear and Trembling”, giving security a run for their money by the end of the set. 

Taking Back Sunday headlined the evening. The band opened with “Tidal Wave”, as the crowd erupted into cheers and sang along. Performing songs from their latest LP  Tidal Wave, the band also included songs from Louder Now including iconic “Liar (It Takes One to Know One)” as well as “Error Operator”. Vocalist Adam Lazzara was always chatting with the crowd between songs, creating a more personable experience for fans. He told a story of when he was little, he would stand in front of his family’s reflective fronted refrigerator, and would pretend to be Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day. This lead into the bands cover of “She”, written for the soundtrack to Spotify’s documentary on Green Day. The band performed “Cute without the ‘E'” and I am honestly not sure who was louder, Lazzara or the crowd. The encore included “Better Homes and Gardens” as well as emo anthem “MakeDamnSure”. The evening was one for the books, with immense talent and energy from every band ons stage.