Marvel Debuts New Solo X-Men Series Titled “Iceman”

The creators at Marvel are back with a new, exciting tale to attract its audiences. The new series titled Iceman, will be a solo X-Men saga. The series is written by Sina Grace who has previously written All-New X-Men Annual aand features artist Alessandro Vitti  who has done artwork for Avengers Arena and Secret Warriors.

Iceman follows Bobby Drake who is one of the original X-Men. He’s a founding member of the Champions and is discovered to be an Omega-level mutant. He wants to use his powers in order to leave a lasting legacy. On top of that, the series will feature a younger version of Bobby, and will explore the differences between the older and younger version of him.

Writer Sina Grace says this about the new series:

“Iceman has one of the most tenured legacies as a Marvel Super Hero and was one of the originators of the modern Marvel Universe. As a lifelong X-Men fan (I’ve got the dog-eared floppies to prove it!), writing Iceman has been the greatest and most challenging project I’ve been lucky enough to work on. 
Writing this series has been like making best friends with someone who’s been in my class for years, but I never took the time to ask how they were doing. Turns out, Bobby Drake has a LOT to say paired with a LOT of achievements he’s still looking to unlock.”

The first issue of Iceman is set to hit shops on June 6, 2017. For more information about the upcoming series, visit Marvel’s website.