Bare Bones Ent Hosts “Nice Guys Finish Dead” Kickstarter

Bare Bones Ent, a website that primarily focuses on music and writers, is hosting a Kickstarter for their first ever comic book Nice Guys Finish Dead.

The comic focuses on a young man named Edwin “Bones” Shore. He is kind of the quiet guy that is desperate to be accepted and let’s people push him around. In the words of creator Bryan Swann,” I like to say that the story takes the traditional superhero story and flips it on its head. Do you take a new found power and use it to help others, or do you get the revenge on those who bullied you?”

Nice Guys Finish Dead will be a series rather than a standalone comic. Currently there are  2 ½ full comics written and 2 mini comics in process (roughly 8-10 pages) that fill in gaps and more character development. Swann says he had a lot of fun creating this comic, but it was difficult at times.

I had a ton of fun writing the comic. I started with the idea of creating this mascot for my company, BareBones Ent, and then I thought it would be fun to give him an origin story. I came up with the personality and setting of the comic and then the ending just came to me. Everything in between just flowed. The hardest part was writing it in script form for a comic. I had never written anything as a script especially not with the idea that every frame had to be a single action. It took a lot of re-writes to get it right.

Nice Guys Finish Dead is recommended for an audience of mid-late teens and up due to its strong language and brutal imagery. If you’re looking for an action packed comic this new series might be just up your alley!

The Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise money for the first issue.  Pledges to the campaign include rewards that range from digital copies of the comic to art prints.  There are still less than seventeen days to go in the campaign which officially ends on May 2, 2017. To learn more about the Kickstarter visit the campaign’s page here.