The British are Coming! Wait, Moose Blood is Already Here

This review is definitely overdue, and that kind of rhymed, but that’s beside the point. Saturday March 4th I had the pleasure of going to see Moose Blood perform at The Social in downtown Orlando, one of my favorite venues. The band is currently on tour with Trophy Eyes with support from Boston Manor and A Will Away.

As sort of mental preparation for myself, I listened to Moose Blood non-stop for about a month on Spotify. I’ve kind-of gotten attached to their music with the sad lyrics of heartbreak and loneliness paired with new wave pop-punk vibes.

I got to chat with a few of the guys from Trophy Eyes (what is with me and rhyming today?) before the show and instead of talking about anything productive, we really just talked about the differences between America and Australia, where they are from. If I am not mistaken, A Will Away is the only band on the bill that was not from the UK or Australia.

Moose Blood has toured the US a few times before but this is their first US headlining tour and they absolutely crushed it. At such a small, intimate venue, the crowd has no lack of interaction with the band and each other. We sang together, we cried together, moshed a little bit, and there were crowd surfers a plenty as the band invited people to join them on stage.

It’s not very often that I go see a band who’s live sound is identical to the record. Moose Blood is one of those few bands that has talent as raw as their lyrics and I would highly recommend going to see them if given the chance.