Sum 41’s ’13 Voices’ takes on a grittier and darker sound

So much has changed since 2011 when Sum 41 released their last album, Scream Bloody Murder.

Drummer Steve Jocz left the group back in 2013, while their longtime guitarist, Dave Baksh made a return to the band in 2015. On top of all that, frontman Deryck Whibley was told by his doctors that if he had one more drink he could very well suffer from liver and kidney failure, and would die. He spent months in the hospital.

But there was light at the end of that very dark tunnel.

Whibley and the guys channeled all of their energy into 13 Voices, their first album in five years. An endeavor that Whibley credits for saving his life.

In a statement made about the album, Whibley states:

I am really excited to be releasing an album after everything I’ve been through recently. This new music represents the journey I’ve been on throughout the process of making this record. I had to fall in order to rise, and nothing feels better than to have something you love that you had to really fight for. I can honestly say that 13 Voices‬ saved my life and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. I had to learn how to do everything again — my motor skills, learning how to play guitar again… I couldn’t even walk at the time. It was really difficult, but at the same time if I didn’t have a record to make, I don’t think I would have recovered as quickly. Writing music gave me a purpose. I had to get better.”

Released on October 7th via Hopeless Records, the 10 song album certainly lives up to the hype.

The album definitely takes on a harder, grittier, mature and darker sound. No doubt a reflection of the hell Deryck went through in his fight against alcoholism. With songs like “Goddamn I’m Dead Again,” “A Murder Of Crows (You’re All Dead To Me)” and “Fake My Own Death,” it is pretty evident that there is a good amount of anger present.

The songs on this album are intense and passionate while still including the good mix of influences and genres and that Sum 41 is known for.

I’ll be short and wrap this up. It’s a great album and I really enjoyed it. Long time fans of the group certainly won’t be disappointed either as they’re getting more than they could have expected. 13 Voices is available in stores now.