Voices showcase their growth for second EP “Resurgence”

Indianapolis metalcore band Voices released their second EP since 2014 at the end of 2017. Resurgence shows a great maturity in the band’s sound. 

“The main thing that was different this time around is we went into the studio with a clean slate.” said vocalist Blaine Gaiser, “We wrote the album in each of our sessions with the help of our producer. Our producer offered a lot of suggestions and help us hone in on the sound of the record.”

The opening track on the EP, “Demons” begins with melodic instrumentals until the opening lyrics of vocalist Clint Simpson’s scream kick in. The introduction of Gaiser’s  clean vocals provide a juxtaposition to the depth of Simpson’s sound. 

“We went in knowing we wanted to expand upon our last EP  The Device// The Fallout and really show growth as a band and as individual musicians.” said Gaiser, “So writing this record we knew we had to up our game.”

Resurgence definitely highlights the growth of the band since The Device // The Fallout‘s release in 2014. The song “Worth (Keep Me Blind)” highlights more intricate instrumentals and strategic drops than the bands debut EP. The lyrics strike the listener, as Simpson closes the song with “But it was your choice, now pay the price”. 

“It’s a tough scene to establish yourself in, With the scene being so watered down with bands trying to break out its really important to stay professional, keep writing great material, trying new things, and pushing yourself out to many different markets.” said Gaiser. 

The album is geared towards those who are fans of Issues and We Came As Romans. However, the closing song provides a slower pace that isn’t seen on the EP until then.  “Back to Life” contains all isolated clean vocals until the bridge where instrumentals kick in and there are faint screams heard. The closing verse provides an empowering end to the EP.

“It would be nice for the fans to know all the hard work that went into making the album, but at the same time I’d just like them to grab on the what makes them feel.” said Gaiser, “If the album makes them feel something, grab onto it, and let us know what the songs mean to them.”

Resurgence can be streamed or purchased on all major distributors. Follow Voices on Facebook and Twitter to see what’s in store for 2018. 

Check out the official lyric video for “Demons” below!