Say Anything celebrates 10 years of ‘In Defense of the Genre’

Say Anything has gone above and beyond for the celebration of the ten year anniversary of their LP, In Defense of the Genre.

This winter, the band has been on a U.S. tour consisting of two nights in each city, where they have played not only In Defense of the Genre but also Is a Real Boy and Say Anything.

Fans braved the snow storm in Detroit this past weekend to catch this stacked lineup.

 Opening the evening was Backwards Dancer, an alternative band with vocalist Zack Shaw (formerly The Hotelier), whose vocals carried the band’s emotional lyrics. The band played songs from their self-titled LP, Backwards Dancer, including “Breathe Life into Beauty”. 


Next up was Radar State, a pop-punk band that traveled across Kansas to join the tour. The band opened their set with “Double Speak”. The band brought forth some of the best energy of the night. Their set also included “Drugs in the USA”, a song that drummer Adam Phillips explained was a reaction to Miley Cyrus’ single “Party in the USA”.

For the first evening, Say Anything performed the first disc off of In Defense of the Genre. This included the opening song of “Skinny, Mean Man” as well as other favorite such as “Retarded in Love” and “People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist”. 

Vocalist Max Bemis constantly swung the mic on stage and constantly leaned out towards the crowd. The crowd met, if not exceeded Bemis and the rest of the band’s energy. 

That wasn’t it though, the band continued with the performance of another entire album. Say Anything performed their LP …Is A Real Boy. The additional 13 songs added to the setlist included “Alive with the Glory of Love” and “Every Man Has His Molly”. 

If one came to the second evening without knowing, they never would have been able to tell that the band had just played a 26 song setlist the previous night. The band performed the second disc of In Defense of the Genre, in which the band dedicated “Vex” to all the shitty people in the room.

Finally, the band ended their 2 night set with a performance of their entire self titled LP, Say Anything. This included their hit song “I Can Do Better,” as well as others like “Death for My Birthday”. The band gave an encore of “A Walk Through Hell”, a song from …Is a Real Boy.

Say Anything will take a break from the road for the holidays, then get back out at the beginning of 2018 with a pair of dates on Jan. 9 and 10 at the Beacham Theater in Orlando, and eventually head up the East Coast throughout the remainder of the month for a number of sell-out shows.

Check out the photo gallery from the show below!


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