Buster Shuffle Break Out of UK with New Album

Buster Shuffle just released their fourth LP, I’ll Take What I Want and will be hitting the road this spring to the U.S. 

The album contains the recently released single “I Don’t Trust a Word You Say”. The album has brought forth a new sound for Buster Shuffle. The fast piano mixed with a catchy melody brings an energetic sound that is hard to ignore. 

“Our new records is a banging new live sounding record. We did it all in two days and all live. We loved our old album ‘Naked’ but it was a studio record with heavy production.” said Jet Baker, the band’s lead singer, “This one however ain’t as it’s a banger!”

I’ll Take What I Want draws inspiration from The Clash, The Specials and Little Richard. 

“We really mash it all up and rock out with it all” said Baker. 

The album contains political undertones. The track “We Fall to Pieces” is about Brexit, according to Baker. 

“It basically means the UK is going to leave the union that is Europe, meaning it’s going to be harder to tour and people will be poorer,” said Baker, “It’s going to be terrible for UK touring bands and so much harder for young up and coming musicians,”

The band has been hard at work since their previous release of Naked and it shows on the new album. Each track demands your attention and highlights the band’s unique ska blend. 

“We often get ideas on the road then pull them into a rough format then forget about them. We revisit months later with fresh ears and decide if the idea has ‘got legs’,” said Baker. 

I’ll Take What I Want is available to purchase now as well as streaming on all major platforms. 

Buster Shuffle will be hitting the road to the US this May. Keep an eye out for more coverage from The Pit as well as following Buster Shuffle on twitter and Facebook.