PHOTOS: The Front Bottoms exceed expectations in Orlando tour stop

The Front Bottoms made a stop in Orlando on Sunday at The House of Blues with Bad Bad Hats and Basement.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this show, because even though I have been a fan of The Front Bottoms for almost four years now, I had never seen them perform. Even so, The Front Bottoms exceeded all expectations I had for them. The performance they put on was unlike anything I could  have imagined with their high energy to match their catchy indie rock sound. Frontman Brian Sella performs in a way that reminds me of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day with his wide-legged stance leaning into the microphone. It wasn’t until after the show as I was editing photos that I realized he played the whole show without shoes on.

The setlist consisted of a few songs from the new album “Going Grey” mixed in with songs from previous albums. The audience went nuts over each song that was played, especially ones from older albums. When “Going Grey” was released on Oct. 13, there seemed to be a bit of uncertainty among fans who weren’t big on the new music, but as fan Alyssa Lamberti said after the show on Sunday, “I definitely like the songs from the new album more now that I’ve heard them live.”

The last North American date for this tour is November 25th in New York before they take a break and head to Europe for a string of shows across the pond in February.