Grand Rapids gets rowdy with Rise Against


Political punk band Rise Against brought a phenomenal set to The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan despite the unbearable heat. The band was joined with White Lung and Pierce the Veil. The line wrapped around the building well before doors were even opened, showing the dedication of the fans.

White Lung opened the night. The band consists of majority females, including vocalist Mish Way-Barber. Barber’s stage present was constant energy and hair flips. Her vocals were strong and projected throughout the venue. 


Pierce the Veil took the stage next, causing an eruption of cheers from the crowd. The band came out full force, opening their set with “Bulls in the Bronx”. Front man Vic Fuentes introduced the crowd to his brother, Mike Fuentes on the drums. The band played songs from their most recent LP Misadventures including “The Divine Zero”, “Texas Is Forever” and “Today I Saw the Whole World”.

Bassist Jaime Preciado was constantly jumping from the risers on stage, full of smiles for the fans. The band included older songs in their set as well. This included “A Match into Water” and a closing song of “King For a Day”. By the end of the set, the crowd was drenched in sweat in the 90 degree venue. 

It was worth the heat, because Rise Against finally began their set, opening with “Long Forgotten Sons”. The crowd began chanting “Rise” and pumping their fists in the air, giving a united feeling between fans at the venue. The band broke into “Give it All” where vocalist Tim McIlrath climbed onto the barrier and joined the crowd as they sang back. This was followed by “The Violence”, the first single from their latest LP Wolves. 

Their set included one of their heaviest songs “Re-Education (Through Labor)”. McIlrath’s vocalsrang through the venue.

McIlrath said “You can tell who really gives a shit about your band when they’ll be here for something like this.”

McIlrath and guitarist Zach Blair performed acoustic renditions of “Swing Life Away” and “Hero of War”, a heart heavy song about the politics of war. The band dedicated the song “Help is On the Way” to those who were hit from the hurricanes and tropical storms recently. Another dedication was made to the late Chester Bennington and all those lose to suicide before performing “Survive.”

Rise Against closed their set with a single song encore. The crowd sang along every word to “Savior”. The rowdiest mosh pit of the night opened and countless crowd surfers emerged. Despite the heat, Rise Against performed a high energy set that engaged fans until the very end.  

Check out the photos from the show below!