Stories Untold and If Walls Could Talk pack The Magic Stick

Stories Untold and If Walls Could Talk are both two of the most energetic and dedicated bands in the Michigan music scene. The two bands hosted an amazing show at the Magic Stick in Detroit. The line up was stacked, with Novara opening the evening. The band’s set featured a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Nights”. Vocalist Samantha Norman showcased her powerful vocals and captivated the crowd throughout their set. 

Hard rock band, Here We Harbour, performed a bitter sweet set. This show was vocalist Candace Sosa’s last performance with the band. She went out with a bang, bringing her usual high energy on stage while killing it with her talented vocals. The band performed fan favorites including “Silent Cities” and “Dangerous”. Candace closed her final set with Here We Harbour with “Face Value”. We had a chance to speak to Candace about what it was like to play her last show with Here We Harbour and this is what she shared;

“Although bittersweet, my last show with Here We Harbour was incredibly memorable. To see all our friends, family and those whom have supported us from the very beginning; singing along to all of our songs was so heartwarming. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I will definitely miss performing and writing with the dudes but our paths crossed for a reason and I’ve got to keep following where my heart takes me. Here We Harbour has made so many amazing memories together and I am so glad to say I’ve been a part of that. I have no doubt that the guys will continue to do great things. As for me, I’ll be working on getting everything together for a solid, slamming release. I hope that everyone that has been a part of the HWH family will continue to support all of us. I cannot thank each and everyone of our supporters for helping us get to where we did in such a short time. I love you all and keep an eye out for the future. This isn’t the last you’ll see of me!”

However, that wasn’t it for the amazing female talent of the evening. Lilac Lungs, another female fronted band, took the stage. The trio of Emily Torres, Johney Birrell and Matt Jones brought immense energy to the stage. With Torres dancing around on stage full of smiles, it was hard for the crowd not to sing and dance along with her.  Their set included songs from their debut album Evertide including “Uh Oh” and “Next to Nothing”. 

Co-headliner, If Walls Could Talk, took the stage by storm, opening with their song “Sleepless”. Guitarist Nicholas DiSefano walking out on stage playing the accordion with a huge smile on his face gave the crowd huge anticipation for the set. The boys in the band seem to never stop moving. One of the most action packed songs is “Specter of the Dead”, where vocalist Tony Berkseth holds a flashlight below him as he performs, giving the song a ghost story vibe. As a surprise to the crowd, the boys from Stories Untold joined the stage for a cover of Twenty-One Pilot’s “Guns for Hands”. After closing with “A Ladder to the Moon” the band stood together on stage for a final bow to end their set. 

Stories Untold took the stage with a dramatic entrance, the TV’s on stage with static playing were the only source of light as a remixed version of their songs that included the static noise played. The band opened with “Audite”. Their set included songs from their debut LP Can’t Go Home while featuring the new songs from the newest issue of the album including “Hostage”. Fans sang back what seemed like every word to
every song, matching Jake Clark and Kevin Quednau’s vocals. Brennen Moloney showcased his talent on the drums throughout the entirety of the set. For the closing song of “Fleur De Lis”, with Tim Williams’ harsh vocals driving the energy of the song. The band even brought out extra drums and hands, including their manager Dylan Dulberg and Brandon Murdoch (Behind the Silence), to end the set with a bang.