Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming Is Fun But Lacks Seriousness

This latest reboot reinvents Spider-Man but replaces the mature and humble super hero we’ve been accustomed to with a more lighthearted yet often whiny character.

The entire first half of the two-hour film is mostly filler, while the main plot doesn’t unfold until the film nears its end.

Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, has a lot to learn from his uncle Ben, who was absent from the film, on how to behave. Going from the character who learned early on to be responsible with his powers, this Spider-Man proves even during the closing scene that he has much to learn throughout future films in the series.

This film showcases the new Peter Parker going to high school, house parties and even a prom while it downplays the size and scale of New York City and the depth it gave Spider-Man and his abilities in previous films.

Tom Holland does a great job in making viewers believe he is a high school student but could tone down the obnoxious personality that he had performed in this film. It became almost jarring near the end when he never fully developed as a character and continued on with his unbearable traits.

The supporting characters of Parker’s aunt and classmates all have interesting and unique personalities, but the constant script of forced jokes falls flat and ruins any sort of importance for them.

Tony Stark (Iron Man), played by Robert Downey Jr., played an exceptional role as the arrogant yet mostly compassionate mentor.

Michael Keaton delivers a remarkable performance as the main villain Adrian Toomes, by giving off a very sinister vibe while looking like a regular person.

Action scenes bring you to the edge of your seat, but they only make up a fraction of the overall length of the film.

Special effects and sound design are on point with other big budget films of today providing viewers with an experience they will not regret.

While the new Spider-Man fits into the expanded Marvel Universe, the character has become far too obnoxious as an easy way to contrast him with the much older and experienced Avengers he might fight alongside someday.

This is a good film for those who are interested in action and humor. Fans who want to relive the deeper stories and character depth of the early 2000’s trilogy may not be satisfied in this reincarnation of Spider-Man.