Transformers: The Last Knight is more action than depth

Michael Bay has finally crafted the perfect formula for the Transformers series with this latest installment by shifting the entire focus of the series from subpar stories into a fast paced experience with few moments of rest.

Explosive sound and a dramatic musical score encompass the viewer, while the visuals bring this dimension to life. The combination of on-location pyrotechnics and postproduction editing fill the screen to the limit of explosions and shrapnel. Extraordinary camerawork adds to the action and immerses the viewer.

Utilizing real world locations and computer generated scenes allows the film to travel the entire length of the world and create an mind-boggling post apocalyptic Earth.

A special treat for those from Michigan, the film features numerous Detroit landmarks including the Fisher Building, Packard Plant and Belle Isle Conservatory. A tremendous cast including the ever increasingly popular Mark Wahlberg, emphasized action over their scripts.

While the Transformers robots aside from Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron within the film are unimportant to the overall adventure, they are given comical personalities.

The film explores concepts such as good turning evil, but fails to develop on this before the conflict is resolved. It would be nice for the film to follow in the footsteps of the story driven cartoon it is based on. Focused only on action, the film takes what the series is known for and carries it throughout the entire length of the motion picture.

For those seeking a movie with a deep story or character development, they will be disappointed in the film, but for those who want to experience special effects in the theater they will not be disappointed.