Okilly Dokilly brings their Nedal show to Detroit

What do you get when you combine Ned Flanders from The Simpson’s and metal music? You get Okilly Dokilly out of Arizona. If you haven’t heard of them, I suggest you go on that You Tube app of yours and look them up. It exists. It’s real and it’s everything I dreamed of being a die hard Simspons fan.

The 5 piece Nedal band, as they call it, are on their last few shows of their 8 week trek across the country in support of their album “Howdilly Doodilly” and brought along their friends in Beatallica. Yes, they’re also exactly what they sound like; a Metallica and Beatles rock band and it’s amazing.

Beatallica opening up the Majestic Cafe 6/8/17
Photo//Stephen Tabor//The Pit Media

Beatallica opened up the evening at the Majestic Cafe in downtown Detroit with high energy to wake the crowd up with their song “I Saw Her Thrashing There.” With Metallica and the Beatles being two of my favorite artists, I was loving every moment of their set.

The 4 piece carried on into their set with more hits like “Hero of The Day Tripper” “For Whom Michelle Tolls” and they even gave fans a taste of a new jam with a yet to be named title but combined Here Comes Revenge from Metallicas “Hardwired to Self Destruct” and The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun.” The guys ended their set with their hit songs “All You Need Is Blood” and “I Wanna Choke Your Band” before leaving the stage and enjoying the main act.

Not only are Okilly Dokilly extremely fun to watch perform, they’re also extremely talented. The guys give you good tunes all while acting on stage and never skipping a beat. They started out their set with “They Warned Me” and after each energy packed, heavy song, frontman, Head Ned, goes right back into character and says “Thanks neighborinos.” I can’t stress enough how talented these guys truly are.

They carry on into their set with more hits like “Flanderdoodles”, “All That Is Left” and “Donut Hell.” By far my favorite moment was during their Beatles cover “Yellow Family.” All ofBeatallica joined them on stage, screaming and yelling the lyrics and eventually Beatallica jumps into the crowd and starts a raging mosh pit, all while with drinks in hand.

Beatallica joins Okilly Dokilly for “Yellow Family” at the Majestic Cafe.
Photo//Stephen Tabor//The Pit Media

The 5 piece from Arizona ended their night with their two biggest hits, “White Wine Spritzer” and while a Head Ned costume change was happening, the band performed “Smooth” until Head Ned revealed his sexy ski suit. If you know this episode of The Simpsons, then you’ll know they close with “Nothing At All” and I was pleased to join the crowd at the closer of the song with a “stupid sexy Flanders.”

Again, this is real. It’s everything you would expect it to be and more. I had a chance to speak with Head Ned after the show to talk a bit about what’s coming up for them. You can expect some new material eventually but not before they hit the Montreal Comic Con and tour for 3 weeks around that time. I’ll be looking forward to it and seeing them again.