“The Mummy” a suspenseful and fresh reboot

The long standing Mummy franchise returns, in a respectable, new way.

“The Mummy” reboot is filled with realistic undead characters and stunning landscapes that prove this film to be a technical marvel and demonstrate the special effects that are possible in cinema today.

Some gruesomeness in the film can bring a sense of shock to even those desensitized, and the 3D effects make you jump in your seat. Special effects provide immersion, but the impeccable acting within the film is what provides each character with importance and purpose.

Sofia Boutella plays a near perfect role as the mummy — Princess Ahmanet — posing a true threat against the  continued existence of the human race. Fantastic performances by Annabelle Wallis and Tom Cruise just scratch the surface of the tremendous acting of the entire cast.

The mystery of the unknown is a key element to  the story, keeping viewers’ interest while making them weary of what could potentially frighten them next. To break up the suspense, the film contains humorous scenes throughout as well as relationships between the characters that are lighthearted. A rather unexpected series of events leads this film along a path that sets up the surprise ending perfectly.

As a reboot, the film builds character development and also creates a well-established storyline that will carry on to future films in the series. “The Mummy” is a great movie for those who want suspense, and to all those archaeologists out there; be careful when you go digging up any more mummies!