Foo Fighters Release Epic New Single and Video for “Run”

Nothing like waking up and finding some brand spanking new Foo Fighters music in your inbox. Well, today was that day for me and the new single and video that dropped is titled “Run”.

“Run” is the Foos first single since their 2015 Sonic Highways album and its jam packed with all the elements that have made Dave Grohl and the boys one of the biggest bands in the world.

Grohl jump starts the song with his sweet and tender voice and vibe then quickly changes to Taylor Hawkins pounding away on the drums as Chris Shiftless, Nate Mendel and Pat Smear shred on the guitars. Grohl brings back his patented screaming throughout the track. The tune goes back and forth with melodies and metal licks.

The video is directed by Grohl and it features the band decked out in theatrical makeup that turned them into aging versions of themselves with long grey hair, epic beards and wrinkled skin. The setting of the video has the elderly Foos puttin on a rock concert at a nursing home and as they play the residents wake up and become more revitalized.  The start moshing and reeking havoc on the doctors and orderlies before busting out of the nursing home. As they break through the doors, they stumble upon a car with some hipsters inside. The residents begin breaking the windows and start pulling the hipsters out of the car one by one, ripping the “man bun” out of one poor soul and then taking a huge breath of the vape they just snagged and blowing the “smoke” into the air.

The final scene of the video has a Michael Jackson feel to it as the residents break out into a rocking choreographed dance number on the street before collapsing in a mass of bodies as the video concludes.

With this song and the Foos supposedly working on a follow up album, i’d expect a new album sometime in 2018 and maybe, just maybe by the end of this year. Let only hope, but in the meantime enjoy this new single.