Enter Shikari bring Celebration to The Crofoot

Ten years ago, electronic metal band Enter Shikari from St. Albans, UK released their LP Take to the Skies. The band celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the album, touring with melodic hardcore band Being As An Ocean.

Detroit’s own progressive metalcore band Spirit Breaker (formerly Faded Grey) joined the two bands the other night. Having just recently released their debut LP Human Nature, the band was excited to share their new work with the crowd.

Vocalist Tre Turner explains “With us being a progressive band, we were not too sure what to expect going in, but it was an incredible experience. We received such a positive reaction from the touring acts and fans at the show.” Their set stuck with their lighter songs, including “Satellite Earth” and “Threads.”

Being As An Ocean made their appearance by asking for all house lights to be killed, only to be illuminated by the fogged lights behind them, creating a mood pairing with their melodic lyrics. The band opened with recent single “Ok.” Vocalist Joel Quartuccio never spent a full song on stage. He was always either at the barrier, or in the pit with fans sharing the mic creating a very intimate experience. The set closed with favorite “This Loneliness Won’t Be the Death of Me”.

As fans chanted “But soon we will be here, standing like statues”, lyrics from opening song “Stand Your Ground; This is Ancient Land/Enter Shikari”, Enter Shikari took the stage will full force and energy. Vocalist Rou Reynolds never stopped dancing, throwing the mic stand or joining the crowd.

His enthusiasm transcended to the fans, as lyrics were screamed back. The band performed Take To The Skies in it’s entirety but did not leave out favorites during their 4 song encore of “Anaesthetist”, “Redshift”, “OK, Time for Plan B” and closing with “The Appeal & the Mindsweep II.”